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Episode 1 October 12, 2021 00:09:39
Experience Junkies Intro
Experience Junkies
Experience Junkies Intro

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experience junkie:

n. people with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on creating, consuming and critiquing memorable travel and events

What is an Experience Junkie exactly? Join host Deanna Nwosu as she dives into the definition, how she became an experience junkie and the purpose of this podcast!


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Episode 2

October 26, 2021 00:53:37
Episode Cover

S1 Episode 2 - Backyard Magic

On Episode 2 I am joined by the lovely Ashley Lawson, who serves as the Vice President of Business Partnerships at Achieve Incentives & Meetings, a global meetings and travel incentive planning firm based in the Midwest. As the first of the third-generation at the family-owned company, a passion for building meaningful travel experiences is in her blood. Prior to joining the firm, Ashley spent a decade in Washington, DC focused on ending veteran homelessness in the Nation's Capital. There, she led Miriam’s Kitchen’s fundraising events and strategic partnerships with fortune 100 companies. Most recently, Ashley has become the meetings industry’s “Safe Travel Ambassador.” She has been living in a new country each month and experiencing first-hand how the world is responding to the pandemic and preparing for the return of travel and events. Engaging in more than 100 site visits in South and Central America, the Caribbean and Africa, Ashley gains critical insights and shares them with meetings professionals worldwide. With so many lessons learned as a Safe Travel Ambassador, she was eager to equip the events industry with the right tools for our safe return. She started a blog highlighting how event planners could navigate ever-changing international rules, shared the best practices she had experience in safety protocols, and provided step-by-step guidance to prepare event planners on how to lead safe events. Join our discussion as we dissect her safe travel ambassador experience while creating some "Backyard Magic" along the way. Follow Ashley and Achieve on Instagram.    You can listen to Ashley's song selection on the show's Spotify playlist. Watch the visual episode on YouTube to see photos from Ashley's year of travel!  Follow the show on ...


Episode 4

November 23, 2021 00:38:03
Episode Cover

S1 Episode 4 - "When in Rome"

Today we sit down with Jen Salerno from The Room Block Podcast. Jen is a 20 year hospitality veteran but also an avid traveler both for work and play.  Listen is as Jen tells us about the epic trip she took with her husband to Europe and the takeaway lesson she learned about being respectful of other's homes, when away from her own.   Follow The Room Block Podcast on Instagram and LinkedIn. You can also find Jen on Instagram and LinkedIn. You can listen to Jen's song selection on the show's Spotify playlist. Watch the visual episode on YouTube to see photos from Jen's trip to Italy!  Follow the show on Instagram Follow Deanna on Instagram Intro music by John Yasutis ...


Episode 5

May 31, 2022 00:30:20
Episode Cover

S2 Episode 5: Challenge Yourself to Do Better with Brett Musco

Brett Musco is a Boston-based project manager, triathlete, and long-distance runner who sat down with me to share his story. He began his endurance sports journey in 2017, completing a 1.8 mile open water swim, and has been continuing to seek new adventures ever since, including his first Ironman in 2021. As we dive into our conversation, Brett shares how he began his triathlete journey and what are the factors that drive him to pursue triathlon. He will also share how having a supportive family and community can help someone be successful in triathlon. Brett shared a lot of gems from this episode that will challenge you to go out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to do better. Tune in to this powerful episode and learn how we can possibly challenge ourselves to push past our perceived limitations and enjoy the journey to becoming our best selves.   Follow Brett Musco on Instagram and LinkedIn You can also find Brett on his  Website You can listen to Brett’s song selection on the show's Spotify playlist. Join the Experience Junkies Discord to talk directly to Deanna, show guests, and other listeners! Watch the visual episode on YouTube to see photos from Heidi!    Follow the show on Instagram Follow Deanna on Instagram Intro music by John Yasutis ...