S2: Episode 12 Resonating Your Positive Energy with Rachel Sheerin

Episode 12 September 06, 2022 00:43:35
S2: Episode 12 Resonating Your Positive Energy with Rachel Sheerin
Experience Junkies
S2: Episode 12 Resonating Your Positive Energy with Rachel Sheerin

Sep 06 2022 | 00:43:35


Show Notes

I am joined by Rachel Sheerin, an award-winning keynote speaker and emcee in today's episode. Rachel’s rocked stages for titans of the industry across the world at annual conferences, summits, and events. She has been passionate about blending positive energy and authentic engagement in her events.


As we dived deeper into the conversation, we talked about her passion for traveling. She also talks about the best place in the world and how traveling can change someone’s perspective in life. Aside from this, she also talks about how to perform at your best even if you don’t fit in the mold and how to cultivate one’s path to success.


This episode is packed with many quotable quotes that will surely help you have a positive outlook in life and would really motivate you to resonate this positive energy with others.


Tune in to this light and insightful episode.

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