S1 Episode 6 - The Sleepover

Episode 6 January 04, 2022 00:37:26
S1 Episode 6 - The Sleepover
Experience Junkies
S1 Episode 6 - The Sleepover

Jan 04 2022 | 00:37:26


Show Notes

Listen in to my chat with Anne Nevel to talk about a fun event she created for female entrepreneurs and leaders with a child-like spin!

Anne is currently the Vice President, Industry Education for the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA). Prior to joining HDA, she was responsible for the oversight of the education and certification programs for various associations. A graduate of Florida State University, she is passionate about learning and connecting people for the purpose of sharing and growth, which drives her personal pursuits. These pursuits include volunteering with multiple non-profits and creating a safe space for entrepreneurial women to connect, learn, share, and grow – The Sleepover.    

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Watch the visual episode on YouTube to see photos from the sleepover! 

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